Reviews: Anonymous

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

I got a small cut from the travertines, and the staff would not give me a band-aid.. The staff is known to hit on women here. My single room didn't look very clean.

Artemis Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

The shower is extremely tiny. The shower head was broken. I don't ever get allergies from dust, but I did when I slept on the bed at this hostel. Bugs kept flying into the room and they were attracted to the beds. The staff is very friendly and very helpful though.

Anzac Hotel

Canakkale, Turkey

This place is right in the city center. They're not very efficient at doing things, but they're friendly and trustworthy. The bathroom was alright in cleanliness.

Akropolis Guest House

Bergama, Turkey

Hard to find, if you don't know the area. The owner has insomnia, so every time I want to talk to him in the morning, I feel bad because I have to wake him up every time. Only the owner can speak English.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Too many flies. The food is not bad, but the free breakfast isn't that great.

Hotel Yasha

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Doesn't seem very clean. Quite expensive.


Good place, kind of nowhere, and the owner's humor can annoy some people.