Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 29

Suite Hostel1

Budapest, Hungary

Great place, good people, very social hostel. Maybe not the best place for total privacy, feels like a huge shared apartment, but has nice little roof area, and they keep the place really clean. Most people working there are other travelers. Had come previously from a Wombat hostel, which felt very corporate, overpriced, and ended up having a bedbug problem (in Vienna), so this was a much needed change. Look forward to coming back!


All I can say is BEDBUGS! BEWARE! Staff are really nice, huge corporate hostel, good breakfast for cheap, but they have a running problem with BEDBUGS! I saw one review that mentioned it but thought nothing of it, but it happened to me. Its a risk you run at any huge place, but for the money and the hype I was shocked. After the first night thought it was mosquitos, second night it woke me up, tons of bugs and 50+ bites. Had to wash everything, still scratching. NOT WORTH THE RISK