Reviews: Anonymous

Olywood Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

What to say about Olywood Place!? It was a very beautiful surprise to find a place like this. Since the first minute a feel at home and the view of Sarajevo from the hills is priceless. Very nice place to relax you and to breathe fresh air. Its no far from the city and with taxi is very easy and cheap to reach it. Oliver, the owner, was very kind and helpful. We shared a nice evening together to other people who was staying in the house. I'd come back every time to Oliver's Place. I hope soon!!

Budget Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I was there for just a night. When we arrive, the "free parking" that was written in the Hostel Description didn't exist!! The girl of the Hostel told us to go to a place where was just a parking very expensive. The dorms were just mattress on the floor. The rooms were very dirty and in the showers room were a water level till our ankes...everywhere, not just in the showers place. Very disgusting! I couldn't recommend this place in any case.