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Lazy House

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Because of full moon I had to book for 5 nights, and the price is high. I was also moved from lazy house up to something called micro hostel. It was ok because I was moved to a 4 bed dorm with a private bathroom, but the security was bad. We did not get lockers there, and had to bring our stuff down to lazy house if we wanted a locker. The 100 baht breakfast coupons was ok, and a free bucket every night was good. Suzie, the lady in the reception was nice though.

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sorry we had to move you, we had a over booking, we thought it would be better to find you somewhere to stay rather than just saying sorry you are on your own and good luck. wish we had not bothered mate !!!as for there being no lockers ,the lockers are next to the bed . they look like cupboards with doors and locks on them.

Kinnaree House

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

I obviously got the newer house. It was a large room with a good bed. Had some noise from the beach, but it didn't bother me. Small island so everything is close. Recommended.

Phuket Backpacker

Phuket, Thailand

Needed a place to stay before I continued on my journey, and this was very good at the price I paid. Recommended!