Reviews: Anonymous

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great place close to the major tourist locations of Istanbul (blue mosque / Hagia Sophia). Clean place. No pool table when we were there, but they did have Ping Pong !! (Even better). Expensive breakfast offered but right next to the store where you can get bread and cheese for 2 people for 2$. Over priced airport shuttle but it was convenient for our early flight. Nice showers. Pretty solid wifi in the lobby also containing jenga, chess, backgammon, english newspaper, a coffee shop, and birds!

Emre Cave House

Goreme, Turkey

My friend had a hot shower. I did not. A small little place right by the "bus station". Nice vibe. Swimming pool was empty (it was February). Very cheap. Good wifi in the common room. Free tea if you cam find a staff member (we had troubles with that sometimes). Comfortable beads. Good times in the dokes.


Intially we arrived at Chef with some friends who had good rate through a reservation they had made. When we asked for the same deal the owner got very angry and said we had insulted him and were being culturally insensitive. Mixed dorm bathroom s are very small. Wifi down stairs is Excellent. Staff were disinterested in me. My matress had stains. The common room is a very nice place to hang out. The outside area would be great in the summer. They hounded me for 3 weeks to write this review.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

Great place. Staff are keen to help. Very clean. Great atmosphere with little hostel events to participate in. This place really captured the laid back easy going mood of the iconic PNW city. Parking was a little crazy.