Reviews: Anonymous

Qaser Al Bint Hotel

Petra, Jordan

If you go to Petra, you should stay here. The place is newly renovated and has a very clean feel to it. There is wifi in the rooms which is a necessity. Friendly and open-minded staff who are easy to have conversations with over tea or coffee, complementary. Showers are a bit weak but that is from what I hear to be common in all the places in Petra and Wadi Mousa. I chose to walk due to a budget and Petra is an expensive place. There are taxi cabs are everywhere if you would rather pay for it.

Galata Cosmic Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Awesome place to stay with an beautiful view of Istanbul from the roof. The one and only staff person was very friendly but overworked due to the owners being cheap and not not having anyone else on staff. Also wifi was a big problem. There were two wifi boxes, only one of which could be accessed due to, again the owners being cheap. With everyone using it the one box, no one got good internet. Very clean due to the one staff member. Overall a good place.