Reviews: Anonymous

Location: India, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

When I judge this hostel objectively: Its the best hostel ever. Cleanliness, friendly ness of staff, location is good. They even upgraded me from a 4 bed mixed dorm to a 2 bed room for free. Plus lots of food provided. Personally, however I always look for a social element in hostels. And this seemed to be missing in this hostel. It maybe because I was there just at the wrong time, i was living there mid oct. Other than that it was as awesome as can be.


Its based in Everett, not Boston but they do provide a shuttle to the nearest station so its not too bad. The staff and people were very friendly. At 55$ a night I wouldn't necessarily call it cheap but then again I guess Massachusetts is expensive. It was one of the cheapest place I could find.

Trekkers Home

Kathmandu, Nepal

If you want value for money, this is the place. 7$ per night per person, and that too for a private room with AC and private bathroom. Plus, the staff is really polite and nice to you. The owner even gave us a huge discount on the hostel expenses. However, obviously don't expect a 5 star experience. And if ur really strapped for cash I'd advice u to do all ur bookings for bungee jumping, rafting etc from outside cuz understandably the hostel charges its commission.