Reviews: Anonymous

Portus House Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

I booked a room with 4 beds, but I only wanted one bed. There are no dorm rooms, so this was my fault.. I cycled to the hotel, half an hour after booking. The manager was really friendly. It was her right to charge the first night but didnĀ“t charge me anythting, although it was less then 24hours to the check in time!! She speaks perfekt German and English and maybe other languages(turkish?). Her co-worker was also very friendly. Big points in staff!! have a nice stay

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

I enjoyed my stay at the hostel. Nice terrace at the top of the building , good to chill out. Shower facilitys were average. Lose screws and doors in the shower were hard to push. Should be fixed. I stayed on the first floor in a 4 bed dorm, it was clean and airconditioned!! (very nice)