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Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

Nice hostel, well located. The kitchen is very great but there's no lockers in the rooms.

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Thanks! We have the lockers down here at reception where we can keep an eye on them, but we will think about trying to install some in the rooms :)

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

This hostel is good but they should add lockers in the rooms. You can rent some prety big lockers that are located on the ground floor, but having at least a small locker in each rooms would have been very usefull. Also, although it's not too far away from the center, the hostel isn't verry well located. If you want to go downtown, you'll have to walk about 20 mins. Finaly, the hostel is clean and I had a good experience.

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

The hostel is ok. It's not the cleanest hostel but you won't have too much choices in Inverness.

Smart City Hostel by Safestay

Edinburgh, Scotland

AWESOME!!! This hostel is verry (verry) clean, and the spot is just perfect. You are one minute away from the castle and the majors attractions. I really liked the fact that we had big lockers in each rooms. Also, I had the opportunity to try the small rooms (4 beds) and the big ones (8 beds). Turns out that the big rooms are in fact made of two rooms of 4 beds each, with a bathroom and a shower in the middle. The result is that you have good intimacy, even though you are 8 in the room.