Reviews: Anonymous

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

I stayed a bunch of nights here. This is a PARTY HOSTEL. People are coming in late and boning and stuff. Now that being said, it's a ton of fun and people are really nice. My locker was broken so I couldn't use it but the staff was cool about letting me put my passport and stuff in the safe. It's not the most organized machine but everything gets done and you'll get you're room eventually. The staff is really good about making sure you have a good time!


I had a good stay. The wifi was a little frustrating. If I left my phone alone for one second it disconnected me.

Hostel DownTown

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a good Hostel. Not a party vibe but a good place to chat and meet people. Some older and some younger people staying there. Not a party hostel but that doesn't mean you can't make friends! Great kitchen. Good breakfast.