Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 31

The Northern Greenhouse

Cairns, Australia

24/ 7 reception was cool and the staff was really friendly. Huge common area inside where everyone could hang out. Other travelers were friendly and it was easy to meet other people hanging out there. Close walk to the madness at Gilligan's and still quiet at night. The best of both worlds!

Adventure Queenstown Hostel

Queenstown, New Zealand

Simply, the best hostel I've ever stayed in. I need to adjust all my other reviews down because this place was so good. Better than many hotels I've been to. Staff was very friendly and helped me book a couple adventures before I could even check in. Other travelers were great - very friendly and we hung out nearly every night. Bathrooms were spotless. Mario Kart parties and Roast Beef dinner nights were fun and drew a crowd. Excellent location. I would come to Queenstown just to stay here.

K Road City Travellers

Auckland, New Zealand

The "breakfast" was just bread and peanut butter. Still, that's better than nothing and I ate my share. Barely enough restrooms and showers for the people while I was staying there. Other travelers were nice, if a bit reserved. Good location away from all the craziness down on Queen Street, but close enough to walk there if you want to get crazy.