Reviews: Anonymous

Le Jazz St. Denis

Montreal, Canada

The hostel is in a nice area of town - plenty to do nearby. Staff is friendly and helpful. The hostel is split in two buildings, one a block away from the other. The rooms are clean; the bedding is a bit ragged. The rooms themselves have locks, but do not have lockers to store valuables. Although the rooms each have bathrooms, there are many beds per room and I was often waiting for a shower. The free breakfast is great, but the kitchen is not too well equipped for cooking on your own.

Planet Traveler

Toronto, Canada

Planet Traveler is a great place to stay. The common areas are clean, and there is a nice rooftop deck. They have weekly BBQ and pub crawl, making it easy to meet other people staying at the hostel. It is thoughtfully designed, with smaller rooms but larger common areas to encourage people to socialize. The lockers have electrical outlets on the inside to make it easy to charge a computer. The staff is very friendly, and the breakfast goes until 1pm!