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Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

Beds reasonably comfortable, not too shaky; good, well-stocked kitchen; Outside terrace is nice, and necessary in the heat; Room was hot and stuffy; wifi doesn't work well except in the hallway; Nice showers and bathrooms; A bit of a walk outside of the city, but near public transit; Staff is great.

Lollis Homestay

Dresden, Germany

Only issue was one toilet for many people in one of the third floor room areas. Otherwise, nice balcony, comfy beds, good wifi, great neighborhood. Free bikes and other perks are really nice. Breakfast is decent and only 4 euros, but I prefer to make my own. Very secure, big lockers, but not big enough for a big backpack (not an issue). Kitchen is small, but well-equipped. Check out the craft beer store just south down the street.

Advantage Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Can feel the bed springs, beds are a bit shakey, but otherwise wonderful hostel. Wifi works well everywhere, nice big lockers, amazing included breakfast, two kitchens (and fridges) are a huge plus, close to subway, not bad walk to tourist center, store just north open late that takes credit cards. Big room was mostly partiers doing pubcrawl, but not too obnoxious. Did have room mates that wouldn't close the door, though.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Wish I could rate it higher, as it's reasonably nice, but has some glaring flaws: Wifi barely works. You can connect anywhere, but good luck accessing a website unless you're in a few specific places in the hall. You're better off using the two slow shared computers. The kitchen is sparse at best. No bowls. No knives to cut things with. Dirty most of the time. Food stolen repeatedly (twice in a day), nothing done about it. Plusses: Comfy lounge, annoying TV.


A bit far from the sights, but not bad with a metro ride. Nearby giant supermarket, good kitchen, but lacking in usable sharp knives. Great wifi throughout, huge rooms, great view from the sixth floor, comfy beds. Really clean. Didn't do the (extra fee) breakfast, but meeting people in the kitchen at night was fun. Breakfast is cheaper from the store.

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Dear Guest, thank you for rating us and staying with us. We're happy to hear you enjoyed your stay and met some nice people. We're hoping to see you again in one of the MEININGER Hotels around Europe. Safe travels, MEININGER Team Hamburg

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Wifi works well, nice little kitchen, comfy beds. The important bits. Free dinner if you show up early enough to get a seat/plate, which is awesome! Staff is great, location is perfect, right in the middle of the city. It's a bit noisy with people being loud in the halls and stomping around on other floors (from the bedroom), but not bad.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice hostel, lots of friendly people. Interesting neighborhood, tons of graffiti and art, but a bit far from most attractions. Best get a Copenhagen card and take the bus. There is no kitchen. Not even a fridge (that they'll let you use) or microwave, so don't bring any milk or other spoilable food. Bunks are three high in narrow rooms, so cramped in mornings and annoying on top. Plastic pieces missing from top of ladder in room I, potentially sharp metal on top. Outlets not in good position.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Big hostel, so sometimes you have to wander to find an open bathroom, but great atmosphere and really well run. Comfy beds, though a little shaky; great location near metro and walking distance to everything; wifi works everywhere, usually fast even during busy times; nice, well-stocked kitchen, lots of fridges; nice lounge areas; the bike tour was great, maybe it should be offered twice a week. Also check out the free walking tours (another company, but good).

Laivahostel Borea

Turku, Finland

Microwave and fridge, but not much for kitchen facilities. Wifi is only in the small, somewhat comfy common room. Not a super social hostel, but the rooms are nice. Luggage room isn't monitored or secured, other than having to walk past reception through the common room to get to it; less secure, but not big deal. Rather far walk from most things, though. 15+ minutes to anything but the castle or maritime buildings. Great buffet breakfast, but dried out cucumbers persist one day to the next.

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

Comfy, though somewhat squeaky and wobbly beds; great location in the design district; fast internet, nice staff, nice building. Common area mostly consists of the kitchen, which is okay, though not all seating that comfy. Kitchen is reasonably stocked, but pots don't seem to have matching lids sometimes, and Ikea serrated knives are terrible. An actual kitchen knife for cutting onions, garlic, etc would be much nicer. Some people take room keys to the bathroom--suggest they don't or ->reception

Baby Lemonade Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Best hostel in Russia (maybe in Europe, too). Comfy beds, quiet, great common area, warm, friendly people and awesome staff. Wifi's good, showers are snazzy, location is perfect as well. you get towels, a map, help with anything you need. The place is super cute. I can't think of anything bad at all (which is rare) and am struggling to find words for how great it was.

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Stayed one night, which was decent. Good wifi, small kitchen. Showers supposedly don't have much hot water, but I didn't use them. Staff seemed nice. Bed was a little unlevel, but otherwise fine.

Oh So Indie House Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Comfiest beds in 9 months of hosteling. Super homey, friendly hostel--friendly guests, friendly staff. Good location, near to metro, but also near enough to some main attractions for a little longer walk (or 1 metro stop). Kitchen was clean and well stocked, though sometimes it was hard to find bowls or cups. Bathroom was a little hot and humid all the time, the little fan seems inadequate. Great lounge area with computers, a piano, couches. I believed when repeat guests said it's best in Moscow

Golden Gobi

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Great location right in the middle of town, short distance to museums and other attractions. Bus 11 is odd to find from the airport, but drops you close, walking distance. From airport, turn left, go under bridge, go up dirt path, continue on parallel street, bus stops by a shack on the left. Staff is helpful and friendly, common room is cozy, breakfast is nice-nutella toast, a bit of cereal and yogurt, and plenty of toast and jam. Clean and comfy. But wifi is turned off at night inconsistently

Whitetail Backpacker & Hostel

Seoul, South Korea

One of my favorite hostels in 9 months of travelling. I'll definitely be back. Jin and Jun are super helpful, and their hostel is a cozy little home away from home in Seoul. Super fast, excellent wifi, comfy beds--firm enough but soft enough, though a tiny bit bumpy. Location is perfect, not too far to the metro, nice quiet neighborhood. Atmosphere is relaxed, everyone bonds and it's like a family. Breakfast is toast and a little home made morsel, not limited, perfect start to the day (or nap).

365 Inn

Beijing, China

Bring a good pollution mask and wear it as much as you can, even if no one else is, or you will be coughing up Beijing for the next week. The beds are comfy, though outlets are a bit far away. Wifi is always available, but rarely works. It's slow, if it works at all. Bathrooms are nice, food is good, the neighborhood is cute, and there's nice little food shops around.


Comfy beds, big rooms, great showers and bathrooms, nice lounge area. Wifi usually works decently, though it's slower than western China. The long termers are the best part of the hostel, I think. They're eager to talk with English speakers and share and learn and teach, and make staying in the hostel much more enjoyable. Staff is helpful, though some speak less English than others. There's a wonderful, cheap little Chinese food buffet if you turn right, then right, the fifth store, open often.

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

Wifi is okay, not great (China's is not great overall), rooms and facilities are like staying in a hotel, even in the dorms. Upstairs is quite clean, but the bar/lounge can be a bit dirty. It's definitely a party hostel, and if you're there on the week end, you'd better hope your room isn't over or next to the bar, because it's loud. No great place to relax outside the rooms, but the rooms are comfy. Close to metro and easy to get around to the sights. Short walk to Teracotta Warrior tourist bus


Good Wifi, good food, very comfy beds with curtains. A short walk to some local food places in one direction, or the other direction for shopping and street food. Staff was helpful. The panda tour was a nice morning, seeing cute bears that should have died off as a species, but are being preserved for cute tourism.

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Really glad to know that you enjoyed your staying at our hostel.We hope to see you again!

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Big beds, though rather hard. Wifi is okay in the rooms, but the lounge downstairs is huge and super comfy, with great internet (for China). Kitchen has all the things you could need, and there's lots of great little places to eat nearby, and a HUGE Tesco a couple blocks away. Staff is very friendly and helpful, and the people staying all seem great.

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Thank you! Just a week ago, we've introduced a ton of brand new soft memory foam mattress to all our private rooms and 1/3 of our dorm after hearing all the feedbacks from you and other guests. One guest told us that she slept for a total of 11 hours like a baby and we felt so much encouraging for the result. We understand that the demand for the softness of mattress varies so much among Asian and Westerners. Hope that our facilities can meet different needs.

Little Hanoi Diamond

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ridiculously good hostel. Wonderful buffet breakfast with your choice of omlette, crepes, etc. Great fast wifi everywhere, super helpful staff, great private rooms, spacious dorm with big lockers. The location is perfect in the old quarter, easy access to everything.

Khoi Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Very comfy, and astoundingly clean. Breakfasts were great, and the wifi is good. It's obvious that the staff/owners care about their customers and hostel. While I was there, they fixed some issues in one of the bathrooms in a single day, including demolishing and replacing the floor, from maybe 11 AM to 7 PM, reasonable hours for such noise. It's in a little alley next to a market and bus station, so it can be hard to find, but it's also nice and quiet, and close to all the good places.

Backpackers Garden Hostel

Vientiane, Laos

Great, fun hostel. Comfy movie room, great breakfast options, volleyball, cool graffiti, decent beds, wonderful staff. Wifi is good for Laos. It's mostly in the city center, though not quite. The bathroom/shower options are decent, but a bit sparse. It seems like they're filled up at the most random times, since there are two toilets (plus one inside) and two showers for a handful of dorms.

LPQ Backpackers Hostel

Luang Prabang, Laos

Decent beds and rooms, though the metal lockers are noisy. Good breakfast, great location, nice movie room; Almost nothing bad about it. The air-con in our room never turned on, but it wasn't too big a deal.

Royal Guest House

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Signed up for dorm as privates were unavailable for that night. On arrival, was told there were no dorms, and was shown to 4 or 5 other nearby guest houses. Settled for a 5 dollar 8 bed dorm (barely) air-conditioned. Extremely dirty, only lockable thing was a big locker (no bathroom door lock). Rating is for that "sister" guest house, plus RGH staff. It seems they don't have dorms at RGH. I saw at least two other people denied rooms later. Shady and disappointing. Beware of dorm registration.

Green Park Village Guesthouse

Siem Reap, Cambodia

A bit out of town, right next to public market, though. Comfy beds, pillows, rooms, okay water pressure, reasonable staff, wifi decent, breakfast tasty, good other meals cheap. Breakfast usually included a fruit plate. Ask for it with your order, though, or you might not get it. Power out sometimes, had to ask to have it turned back on in my room.

Sam So Guesthouse

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Great, helpful staff, clean as a place in Cambodia seems to get, wonderful location close to interesting parts of town, down an alley so it's quiet and secluded, tuk tuks arranged for reasonable prices. The breakfast is very tasty, with a well made omlet (or other things) fruit, toast, butter, and jelly, plus tea, coffee or water. Internet was pretty slow except a few times, but worked well, bathroom got a little musty, no remote for the AC, but I didn't need it so I never asked for it.

Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Comfy beds for Thailand, barely shakey, giant lockers, good breakfast (eggs, sausage, toast, etc), good restaurant, nice TV rooms and other areas to chill in, close to skytrain. The lockers are a bit obnoxious as they have a big door then a metal plate in the bottom half, so you have to lift all your stuff up and over. There's some, but not a ton of street food around. Seashell museum is right around the corner.

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Four bed dorm was hot and sweaty, bathroom stayed moist and made the room moist, but it was tolerable with the fan running. Hostel environment is great, tons of fun people, great area in the old city, short walk to morning and night markets (for food or souveniers respectively).

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

Great rooms, comfy beds, wonderful lounge and bar and movie room, and close to public transit. Sparse book shelf with some nice photo and travel books. Very meager breakfast, though you can purchase more food (a slight bit more for 3 Euros or so); Only one induction burner in the kitchen, dull knives, no skillets, sometimes meager dining ware. I had the same experience as the "mixed review" regarding staff and other elements.

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

Very nice building, courtyard, rooms--in a 12 bed dorm, groups of beds in sub-rooms of 2, 4, and 6; Great bathroom, kitchen, and full breakfast. It's close to everything, a reasonable walk from the Alhambra, shopping, stores, etc. Staff was great, most of whom were also travelers, warm evening atmosphere.

The Spot Central Hostel

Seville, Spain

Sinks and showers are plumbed poorly, smell of sewage in rooms near any of them (all rooms, including kitchen). Slow shower drain wasn't fixed after pointing it out. Didn't feel welcome coming in early morning off night bus, otherwise staff was great. Lounge was nice, terrace and big windows also. Beds okay, smell detracted from whole visit. Breakfast was basic--bread and cereal and juice. Kitchen decent. Rooms don't lock, probably 5/7 times returning, door was wide open. Twice so was front door

Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Best hostel I've stayed at, no question. Extremely helpful and friendly staff, pancakes, soup for any other meal, very clean, quiet, comfortable, great water pressure, well decorated, movies and ps2, easy walk to Gulbenkian or the castle and other places, right next to the metro for other places, nice restaurants and shops nearby, well stocked kitchen, tasty breakfast with rolls, croissants, cereal, etc. The owner talks with guests weekdays. Definitely come back. Can't say enough good. No bad.

Porto Spot Hostel

Porto, Portugal

One of the nicest hostels I've stayed in. Great breakfast: rolls, meat, cheese, cereal, juice, cocoa. Excellently stocked kitchen; Rooms are very comfortable, bunks are big and comfy, upper neighbor doesn't wiggle lower bed, nice lockers, great lounge, patio, free walking tours, a nice little bar with a few drinks, nearby stores and restaurants. Check out the francesinha at FASE cafe: left from the gate, left up the street, it's on the left about a 5 minute walk.

Meiga Backpackers

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Cozy and great atmosphere, friendly people. Rooms don't lock; have to ask for a locker key; breakfast is good but meager; wood stove is nice, but everything is sooty--feet black shortly after showering. Almost never toilet paper, but there are faucet-based bidet things. Staff is nice, usually helpful, generally speak English, but the guy who checked me in barely did. He got back to playing WoW as soon as possible. Didn't tell me about breakfast, rooms, lockers. Grungy but reasonable.

Bilbao Akelarre Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

As others have said, it's a little far out. It's a short enough walk to the Guggenheim, though, and the rest of things aren't too far. Everything's clean and works well, the breakfast is great. There was only one outlet with a 6 outlet power strip in a room for 12 (took another one from the common room at night), and the common room and kitchen close at night with reception. If I could rate the staff higher than excellent I would. Trouble with train tickets, night guy was beyond helpful.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Great hostel, events every night (often extra cost, worth it), pub and club outings; awesome lounge--beanbags and a movie projector; reasonable beds, big lockers, every bed has an outlet and a light, and the light switch controls low floor lights for night use. Great staff, but night cleaners are crotchety and try to kick you out early. Kitchen closes at 1 and lounge at 2, but cleaners turned off the stoves at 10:30 and kicked me out of the lounge at 12:30 a couple times before we complained.


Bath, England

The included breakfast is quite good and quite filling if you have some of everything. The beds are very comfortable, each has curtains all the way round, though the pillows are so flat as to be nonexistent. In the dorms, the beds are in stacks of three. Could be tough in higher season. Almost no-one there in low season. The lounge isn't very comfortable, and the TV is a distraction that doesn't aid community, but it is an older crowd that stays here. Lastly, showers are good, though tiny.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Reasonably nice place, good location. The self kitchen is great, except there are no kitchen knives. There's a bread knife, and occasionally a small paring knife. It's ridiculous to cut an onion with a bread knife. The rooms are okay, but get stuffy, and the bathrooms and showers are not ventilated, so they get moist and smelly, and sometimes other smells waft out from the toilets that shouldn't. The breakfast is good, especially if you're up early enough to get fruit, and the hours are great.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I literally have no complaints about this hostel, which is a first. Maybe, if I had to get really nit-picky, the mattresses are a little soft and the beds sag a bit, but they're still comfy. The staff is amazing and friendly. I came in and had to spend some time working on papers, not touring, and now it's like I'm at home, it's so comfortable. I'm also amazed how clean things stay. The bedding could be put on more consistently (when people leave, not when they arrive), but it's just fine.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

There's a definite lack of outlets in the rooms, but that seems to be normal for the region. In room 2, the toilet should really be re-plumbed. It doesn't flush solid waste very well at all, because the black water pipe from the back of the toilet is inclined up to the connection with the ground outlet. It needs to slope down more. It's annoying that the kitchen closes, cutting me off from my food. I assume this is because of drunks. There's an issue with people stealing food, too.