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Nikko, Japan

I really liked the atmosphere and the sound of the river nearby. This place has character. As close to world heritage area as possible. A nice living room. There is also a very nice restaurant about 100m away to the direction of Nikko station where you get delicious food for less than 1000 yen (a place full of paper notes by happy customers).

K's House Mt.Fuji

Mount Fuji, Japan

You can always trust to get good quality accomodation and service when you're staying at K's house. Thank you!

Townside Hostel Bremen

Bremen, Germany

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Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

Very nice place to sleep when you're in Köln. And I mean especially to sleep because the beds are the best I've ever seen in a hostel! In addition there are curtains for every bed. The common area is basic. The location is very good, you can have a nice walk from the hostel to the Dom through shopping streets. I can warmly recommend this place to anybody.

Dyeing and Hostel Nakashimaya

Kumamoto Shi, Japan

What a positive suprise! The hostel is super clean and awesomely decorated, wifi is very fast, the living room with a huge television and other stuff the nicest I have seen at any hostel! The owner is a very kind man and really cares about his guests. A private basic room is inexpensive and only for sleeping. If you want to relax and maybe take a day off during your busy travel this is great place for that. This is one of few hostels I will probably remember also after my trip.

SPA Hostel Khaosan Beppu

Beppu Spa City Oita, Japan

A private basic room is cheap but the room is only a matrass, not even a bed, and little space for your luggage. Wifi was very poor. My room was right above a hostel's onsen and as the window couldn't be closed because of an air conditioning tube,the room was not very quiet. I didn't get too much information about onsens from the staff but in a hostel's wall there was a good presentation of ten popular onsens so there I got the info I needed. However, there was one very kind girl at reception :)

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

A very nice hostel! They upgraded my 8 bed dormitory to 3 bed dormitory, thank you for that! The staff was very nice and welcoming. Wifi was fast which is not the case very often. The room and the hostel are both of high quality and the location good and still quite during the night. I can easily recommend this hostel for anybody.


The location is the best possible to walk around in downtown. A basic two bed room is small but big enough for one person. I definetely recommend the hostel for location but not so much for other things. The common area is big but almost everybody sits with their computers there so it is not a sociable place.


The 4 bed dormitory room is great. It is more like a hotel room with a TV, refrigerator and very good bed. There are no cons in this hostel.

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Glad you liked it and we enjoyed having you here. :) We hope to see you again next time you visit Seoul!

Blue Backpackers Hostel

Busan, South Korea

I'm sorry to say but I can't recommend a six bed dormitory and this hostel. There are better places in Busan. The staff was formally polite but not helpful. The kitchen was in the first day dirty but fortunately in the next days it was decent. The location is both good and bad. Good because it's close to the center, bad because it's only 20 meters from a train track! If your window is open during night, expect to wake up once an hour when a train goes by and be sleepy the whole next day.

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We are also sorry to say that it wasn't happy for us to have you as our guest, unfortunatly.Everyday you were complaning about something and other guests. You didn't want to pay more for the single room but you asked for more than we can offer. We told you that we could refund you for 2nights but you decided to stay. And then even asked us to move an other room and paid less than we asked but you had a singleroom.What can we do more for you ??

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

The happiest staff I have seen :)

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Thank you very much for you stay. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed staying in our hostel. We are looking forward to see you again.


A perfect hostel for me! I could probably live a month in the hostel if I had to. At first I was there two nights and came gladly back for another 4 nights. K's house hostels have been an important part of my travel in Japan. A big recommendation!


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Kyoya Ryokan

Nagoya, Japan

First I did not find the Hotel because it looked like a good hotel! Inside was as high quality as one could think based on the entrance. The hostel keeper is a really kind man. Thank you a lot.


Very nice staff, thank you! A high-end hostel for an inexpensive price. I can warmly recommend for travellers of all age groups.


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