Reviews: Anonymous

Nobel Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Stayed here one night on a 24-hour layover. The staff was great; very relaxed mode of operation. The facilities were fine. The price was great for the area. Overall, would recommend Nobel to future budget travelers.

Hotel Giappone

Florence, Italy

We liked Hotel Giappone but were placed in a room right next to the front desk. The facilities were great, but that particular room was a little frustrating at night when we had to walk by every other door to go to the only common bathroom. Again, the room (and location!) we're very good, but we weren't impressed by our particular room's location.

Casa Aladina

San Gimignano, Italy

I highly recommend Casa Aladina. I forget her name, but the woman who runs Casa Aladina was very helpful. My wife wasn't feeling well and we were taken excellent care of. On top of excellent service, the location in the city couldn't have been better. The only downside is that the Internet is slow, but that was of little concern for us as tourists.