Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Pearl

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pros: great location right in Old Town, Wifi in room, did my laundry, AC, Cons: hard to find location. Must call Luca Overall: this place is amazing. They had fruit for me when I arrived, Luca came with a map and showed me where to go and his grandma did my laundry.

Hostel Lella

Rome, Italy

Pros: cheap, location is good, a safe in the room, private bathroom for two people, AC, WiFi in room. Cons: bathroom was falling apart, toilet seat wasn't even attached, staff seemed annoyed at helping you. Overall: for the cost and location it is fine

Il Castello

Bologna, Italy

New place, awesome lounge area where you get breakfast. Pretty simple breakfast: toast, butter, and cafe. Room is sparse, just a bed not even a table for your stuff. The staff is never there. Overall a fine place for the location and price.

Tasso Hostel

Florence, Italy

Awesome place! The staff is amazing, they organize bands to come play on their stage, the whole place has a great atmosphere. On the outskirts of the center of town but worth it all the way

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

Pros: location is nice, right in Riomaggiore. Full kitchen. Cons: no wireless in room, no AC, toilet seat broken, bathroom rundown, owner was rude but other two guys were fine.

Albergo Novecento

Genoa, Italy

Albergo Carola is a great deal for the price. The staff is extremely friendly and the rooms were spacious, clean, and had a sink in them. The location is right near the Brignole train station. The only downsides are that there is no AC and the walls are super thin so you hear everything. Also I had a room where the windows opened to the center of the building and there was a lot of noise that echoes around into the room