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Santorini, Greece

Loved my stay here. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Very laid back and relaxed. 4 dogs that love to come lounge with you by the pool. Would highly recommend!

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

Was alright, closer to station than to sights. Staff were friendly. Smaller kitchen and no real common room just a hallway with kitchen tables.

Hostel Ospitalia del Mare

Cinque Terre, Italy

Directions are really not helpful, recommend googling it as following the road signs takes you all over town. Internet is only on the main floor and you essentially sit in park benches to check your emails. Good location though, close to the trails. Bathrooms in the room and good full sized lockers for your stuff. Breakfast is early and fairly basic.

Bellevue & AlpLodge Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland

Good little hostel. Rooms are tight, but you get a sink. Only 4 bathrooms, so it comes in handy being able to brush your teeth in your own room. Breakfast is good, kitchen is spacious. The view from the terrace is unreal. Amazing way to start your day. Would stay again and would definitely recommend!

Backpackers Fairytale

Split, Croatia

No one really locked up around here, but you really didn't need to. There were lockers (with key) in the room, so handy for when you are at the beach all day. The staff are amazing, really helpful, knowledgable, and excited to share neat spots to check out. Only downside is lack of breakfast, but they have a good little kitchen so you can fix something up yourself. They spend the whole day cleaning and it shows. Bathrooms are big and spacious with a good shower. Would absolutely recommend.

Goat Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Staff here are really genuine and interested in your day, and they make a mean coffee latte! Smaller hostel, so more personable experience. Just a little kitchen, but has all you need. Breakfast is fairly basic, toast and cereal. The location is good, right in the city centre, but bring your ear plugs as it can be noisy at night (from trams and traffic). Only a few showers and two toilets, so could be tough if it is busy. Would definitely recommend this hostel and would use it again!

Palace Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Although this hostel is rather far out of the city, it definitely makes up for it in other ways. The breakfast is amazing. Lots of healthy choices and delicious. Great coffee. The view of the city is absolutely amazing. The rooms are nice, kind of like a dorm. Private bathrooms though. There was a bunch of kids running around and screaming, but by 11 it was quiet. Definitely recommend this hostel and would go back.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Good little hostel. Staff were all friendly and helpful. They cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Good wifi and basic breakfast. Location was perfect, could walk everywhere. Had to get buzzed in 24 hours a day and rooms had lockers. I used mine, as door to the room wasn't often closed. But good atmosphere, small enough you kind of got to know everyone. Would stay again if I make it back!

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Kind of run like a hotel and very busy. I was lucky to stay in the Oasis, so I had access to a fridge. However if you stay anywhere else in the hostel there is no kitchen access. There are key locks on almost all of the doors and again the Oasis had an extra door to access that area, overall very secure. Staff are helpful when you ask. Breakfast is good, toast creel, buns, meat, cheese and apples. Bar downstairs stays busy all night, and food looked good.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Good hostel. Liked the happy hour euro draught. Did suck that you have to walk through the bar, common area and through the court yard to shower. Wifi was only in the common area, but overall good hostel. Sucked that it rained the couple days that I was there. Hostel couldn't really do much about that though.

Amsterdam Hostel Sarphati

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Security to get into the hostel during the day was just showing your little room key to reception. Then you could wander the hostel freely, rooms were just the simple key. Rooms were somewhat clean, bathroom wasn't. It smelt and there was no shower curtain so the whole bathroom would be wet after someone showered. The kitchen was a fridge and a microwave. No common room or area to meet people and you weren't allowed to hang out in front of the hostel. It is close to the city centre though.


I get that Paris is more expensive all around, but there are definitely a few little things this Hostel could do to up its value. Breakfast was good and the rooms were clean. A little cramped, but a big bathroom. No real common area. Kitchen was very limited (had to open my can with a wine opener). But the location is a student district and there are lots of really good restaurants around that feed you amazingly well for the price. Security is a safe by the lobby, nothing in the room.