Reviews: Anonymous

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

This was the last hostel I stayed in on a seven-week trip. It was one of the best. You cannot beat the location. The Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque (and other sites) are within maybe 100 yards. I always appreciate it when the staff knows my name and greats me whenever I come in. I think that says a lot about the hostel. This hostel has the best breakfast by far of any place I stayed. No cornflakes or

Hostel Villa Angelina Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Just a great hostel with a very easy feel to it. Perfect location. Very helpful staff. Very clean facility. There are some steep steps to the hostel, but if that is a problem for you, it isn't a hostel issue. That's Dubrovnik. This is a quiet, small hostel which fits Dubrovnik. Not a "Party Central: kind of place. It's a small friendly place that is a perfect base for this lovely city.

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

I loved the Bubble. Of all of the hostels I have stayed in, the staff here was the best. They are all genuine and warm, and fun people who create a great vibe. Because of that, the travelers connect in a unique way. This was the only hostel I've stayed in where I was offered a beer as I was checking in. A great touch and sets the tone for fun.


I really liked this hostel. It's a big one though, which was a concern initially. However, it is very well run and very clean. Just so you know what you are getting into. There is a great bar downstairs, and a lot of computers. (Which you have to pay for but are not expensive.) The location -- across from the Naschmarkt -- is perfect. I stayed at other big facilities and there were issues due to size. This on maintains the feel of a small hostel.