Reviews: Anonymous

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

A good hostel for a short stay. The key system is a bit poorly thought out, they don't have lockers available in the rooms, and the bathrooms are not terribly clean but overall a pretty good hostel. Comfortable beds, quiet rooms, and a good price.

Main Station Hostel

Berlin, Germany

It could be a nice place; tidy rooms, nice staff, and an excellent price. The only problem is that they currently have a bedbug issue. It is quite recent, and they called an exterminator so it should be clean soon. The staff dealt with my complaint pretty well, but I wish they had moved people out some rooms as there was clearly an issue. I was in 205 and 208. I wouldn't discount this place forever, but would stay away for a bit. Perhaps the staff could leave a comment when extermination is done

Thousand Sunny

Rome, Italy

This was a really nice place; the beds were comfortable, the staff was lovely, and it was actually possible to get a good night's sleep here. I would definitely stay again and would recommend the place to anyone.


A nice place, I would definitely stay again. The rooms next to the courtyard can get a bit loud, so if you're looking to get a full night of sleep try to get a room that opens to the street on the back. The breakfast is nice, plain, but a good inclusion.