Reviews: Anonymous


Incredible staff, always super helpful and patient. Atmosphere was average, there were large common room areas but not a lot of interaction. But the people who stayed there were always cool/nice. Rooms were big, and had bathrooms/showers attached to them which was convenient. Location wasn't bad, right next to a metro line so u could go anywhere quickly. Also walking distance to an incredible church on a hill overlooking Paris. Overall, I would definitely stay here again

Ca' Venezia

Venice, Italy

The owner is great and goes above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable. He's funny, and very knowledgeable about Venezia and good places to go. The hostel has a cool roof patio and the facilities are great. I personally didn't like Venezia, but this would be a great place to stay nonetheless. There's not a big social/party atmosphere, and its kinda tough to get to from the train station, but overall, I'd stay here again.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

The biggest pain is the 7 hour cleaning lockout from 10am to 5pm. The staff was pretty reasonable though and would let you come back if you needed to. Not much of a common room, mostly just a kitchen with some chairs. Rooms were big, with lockers in the rooms. It's up 4 flights of stairs so that sucked, with no elevator. But on Fri and Sat night there were free sangria parties in the hostel which were a lot of fun. Location is as good as it could possibly be. Right in the center.

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Nice, helpful staff. A cool common room with a ping pong table and bar to meet people at. Friendly volunteers who take travelers out. The hostel is near the subway stop so you can get anywhere pretty quickly (except for the airport). Overall, I'd stay here again. Rooms were a little small but wasn't bad.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Best place I've stayed in hands down. I was traveling alone and a little worried, but I met so many incredible people here. The lounge and outdoor patio are perfect for meeting people. The bar as well. Great atmosphere, very welcoming. They also cook authentic Portuguese every night for dinner, so it feels like a big family dinner. The staff are super friendly, and held a pub crawl every night. Would recommend to close friends.