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Ostello Burigozzo 11

Milan, Italy

The location is really good. It's right between the Duomo and the canal area (which is perfect to aperativo and going out). The staff aren't super helpful. If you ask them a question about bars or restaurants, they can give you area suggestions, but not specifically where to go for the cheapest drinks or best aperativo. And they didn't come off as very hospitable--at least to me. In terms of value, it's perfect. Cheap for what you get. Each floor could use a few more showers. Recommended

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

The staff is great! Be advised: the 16 bed room is in the attic. If you are in it during the winter, it gets really cold. Also, it's easy to hear people talking in the courtyard, but the staff does a good job quieting people down around 10:30. Despite those issues, it's still a phenomenal deal at only €6.50 a night for a bed. Also, if you aren't used to Bulgaria, I would recommend staying in a smaller room that includes food because you have to search a little bit for cheap restaurants in Sofia.

Dar Bargach

Tangier, Morocco

One of the best places I've ever stayed at! If you go to Tangier, definitely stay here. The location is great--right inside the Medina. We had no trouble finding the place, but make sure you have the directions down. The staff was amazing, they taught us how to make mint tea which is The only tip is that the roof room gets really cold at night if it's cold outside, but the staff gave us extra blankets. The roof, however, has an amazing view. We loved our entire stay

Hostel Gastama

Lille, France

This hostel is a really really good one. Each bed has individual curtains, which allow privacy and also allow you to avoid waking up everyone if you have to leave early. Additionally, each bed has two outlets and a reading light, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to charge your phone. The location is good, just a ten minute walk from the center of Lille. Everyone one was super helpful. The only downside is it is a little pricy, but that's what you get for north France.


Skopje, Macedonia

If you go to Skopje, do not stay anyways else! This is one of the best hostels I've stayed at in the world. This is my second time going to Skopje and my second time staying at Shanti and it is perfect. The staff are all so nice, the rooms have privacy curtains, and it's so clean. The only downside is the bathrooms are all downstairs and there are only two, but I never had to wait for more than a few minutes. If you need more bathrooms, book at Shanti 2. But Shanti 1 is the best

Hostel Han

Pristina, Kosovo

The room was great and they have privacy curtains, which are a plus! The only downsides are that they are on the fourth floor and the elevator doesn't work, which really isn't that big of a deal. And the staff are almost too laid back. They were helpful in some things, but when we asked where to eat, he pointed out like a quarter of the map. We ended finding a nice place there, but specifics would have been great. Definitely a great hostel, though!

City Hostel Prizren

Prizren, Kosovo

The bathroom window on our floor wouldn't close, so when it's cold out, it feels like Siberia in the bathroom. You can avoid this frozen tundra by using either the bathroom above or below it. Other than that, it was great! The hostel workers were so nice and helped us out with everything. They told us all the best places to go and where to eat. Make sure to try to free rakia they offer, it's so strong!

Hostel Miturno

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Like: Location was perfect--Right in the middle of everything and only like a 5 minute walk to the Old Bridge. The room was great--three of us were traveling together and we were given a 6-person room completely to ourselves. Nice staff and the building was neat, a former night club. Dislike: The major complaint would be that the flush for the toilet is 7 feet in the air--at least. One short girl in our group had to stand on the toilet to reach the flush. All in all, I would recommend.

Grand hostel LerO

Split, Croatia

Like: Great value for price, friendly staff (They were all bro's, which was pretty fun. They should call it Grant Hostel Le"Bro"), nice beds and rooms, good location (Not in the center of Split, but really close and in between the Palace and Beaches--Perfect), relaxed environment, great recommendations. Dislike: It was hard to find it the first time because it lacked a sign and we also had to wait for like 5 minutes until someone came to check us in All in all, would definitely stay again!