Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The staff is great! It was cold and windy during the time i was there on the beach but hanging inside with the staff was a lot of fun. There is a shuttle service that brings you to Amsterdam. The hostel is a party place. I would def go back and stay here again when it's a lot warmer

Hostel Centraal

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location in Amsterdam is excellent but the price to stay is expensive but that is the price you pay for being walking distance from the red light district.

Paradise Beach Camping

Mykonos, Greece

This is a party hostel on the beach. The staff is great and always willing to help you out. Not really located near coffeshop but the staff has shuttles to help you get there. Out of all the hostels, this was the "HIGH"light of them all

Jimmy's Hostel

Paros, Greece

I was there with my friend during their "off season" was not a lot of people but for what little numbers we had, we had a blast. Rented a quad or ATV for the whole day and beach hopped around. The hotel was fine. Hot showers, good atmosphere. I would recommend going there again

Agapi Villas

Santorini, Greece

This is a cheap hotel. Better than a hostel. Great staff and awesome pool. I felt like a king for paying the amount we paid compared to other places. It's a 20 min walk up the hill to the main streets where the bars are. Rent an ATV and you can see everything.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Really liked this place. Good location. Near the temple of Zeus. Had a blast with the few people who were there. Would go there again. Good wifi, showers, and air condition rooms

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Made the most out of this place. This place is for partying.. The place has its happy hour and we all pull out tables and drink. I must have been lucky and got there with a good crowd. Not bad place to stay. Great location and the staff is looking to help you and find a place to partying. I would go here again.