Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Hyde Park Inn

London, England

The location is pretty good, with some shops and fast-food around. The staff is helpful. Unfortunately, I have seen none of them smiling but I can understand it as they have to work under pressure (managing hundred of young people is terrible). The shower is not very clean, unless you go first. The beds are fine, and the breakfast was good. It's the perfect place if you want to get out of your comfort zone. I will definitely try it again! I can't understand why people complain with this price!

Bob's Youth Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was welcomed by an over-smiling staff member. This person took the time to explain me everything in a perfect English. The beds can look scary but for few nights it's okay. The breakfast was good, and everyone was super friendly in the common room. Not sure if it's the hostel or just the city but the atmosphere was excellent ! I would definitely recommend it and come back!