Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 40


Galway, Ireland

This hostel was a breath of fresh air after the others I have been staying at throughout my holiday in Ireland. Their social areas are relaxing and rooms/bathrooms are tidy and clean. The staff was super nice throughout my week stay. The only complaint I have is there isn't wifi in the rooms. But the sitting areas are so comfortable that I didn't mind going downstairs for hours on end just to be on my computer.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

Although close to tourist spots, it is difficult to find. Finally a hostel with wifi in the rooms, a lift, mirrors, clean rooms and bathrooms! I don't expect much when traveling dorm style, but there are some things one does expect. If I were in Dublin again roughing it, I would stay here again. Their breakfast isn't much (toast and maybe cereal too) so be prepared to go out if that isn't sufficient. If you are wanting fruit (I'm vegan) , again, go out or go to the grocery and buy your own.

Kinlay House Cork

Cork, Ireland

Staff was helpful (after some persuasion) when I needed to move into a single room to get away from another guest. I paid for the upgrade but my safety was more important than $. Highlight of this hostel is the internet room (no wifi in rooms). Otherwise, poor location, unsafe vibe of the place, spiders everywhere and dirty throughout. I refused to leave the hostel after dark and slept with the light on in my room. I left after 2 days for a lovely, comfortable B&B in city centre.

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

The property seems to be managed by people who don't really care that much about their guests. I believe they must put more revenue into their tours rather than accommodations, because those are done rather well. The living areas were not clean and extreme bare bones from what I would expect; even from a hostel.