Reviews: Anonymous


The pictures are a bit misleading, the balcony is not attached to the room it is on the roof, and the kitchen is the same room as the bedroom and is quite tiny. And it is underneath the bed and breakfast category, it is not a bed and breakfast, just an apartment. With that being said, the terrace on the top, which is a common area, was excellent. There is some snorkel and beach stuff provided and the owner was friendly guy. It is a bit overpriced in comparison to other guesthouses.

Bulovic Guesthouse

Split, Croatia

The location cannot be beat. Just look down the corridor off the main street when you try to find it. It has nice ambiance, it's more like staying at someones house than renting an apartment, as the facilities are shared and the room's closet was still full of the owner's things. The owner is really nice though, and the location is two blocks from port/bus station/downtown.

Pozitiv Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Pretty amazing place, the artwork and the artist is amazing. The rooms and facilities are newly renovated, at least in the one building, the other is said to be renovated soon. There is a nice bar to get coffee, drinks. Good atmosphere to chill. Owner is an really nice guy too, gave us a shot of Mediza which is real tasty. It's a bit of a ways from the downtown so keep that in mind, late night getting home can be challenging, but cabs are reasonable option.

Hostel Marmota

Innsbruck, Austria

The staff was all awesome, and the envirnoment is good to meet other travelers. A little bit out of the city, but right next to the castle and just a 10 minute tram ride.