Reviews: Anonymous


Montevideo, Uruguay

Este albergue es muy buena... Los últimos 2-3 días ha sido como vivir en casa de un amigo: tiene este 'sentido'. El personal es genial, amable y atento - sin ser demasiado formal, y es limpia, con buenas duchas, buenos desayunos... y por el momento, parece atraer a gente de Brasil!

Caballo Loco Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Caballos Locos is a good, sound hostel: the facilities, rooms, kitchen, bathrooms (great showers)... are good, secure, spacious... The staff are cool, friendly, helpful and professional... The place has a lot of light (e.g. in the common-room area)... There is quite a nice area outside... It is worth going to, for sure :)


This hostel has a very nice, beautiful, subtle, clean feel... It is not noisy, and one can relax in the garden (-with a pool), or n one's room. Mike, , the guy who runs it (I think that's his name), seems a very nice chap. I had a deep knd of feeling of not wanting to leave when I had to...

Hostel Rio Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This hostel has lovely staff. The place is very nice. There is a swimming pool and a bar with generally good atmosphere. The only drawback is that the music from opposite goes on til about 1.30 am. Also, maybe anther fridge would be good for the food s STUFFED IN the fridges, and it is almost impossible to find your bags and food, which sounds petty maybe, but is frustrating when you are craving the food you have bought but cannot find it. In general, it is a very nice and likable hostal

Ecopackers Machupicchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

Although this was the Ecopackes I stayed in - and there was no problem, etc. the Ecopackers in Cuzco was exceptional. The staff are so professional and can look after your bags when you haven't even stayed there (although I stayed at this one in Agua Calientes)

Vila Madalena Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is a nice hostel with nice, friendly and helpful staff- especially Miguel & Alan. And Yes, it has an 'aesthetic' vibe to it... Certainly- very good value-for-money

Copa Fun Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fro me, all the staff were lovely and ot only helpful but interested in what you said, needed, good or bad experiences... You feel at home here :)


I particularly enjoyed my time at this hostel... Not only because of the luck of meeting some lovely people here, but also due to the general attitude and friendliness of the staff (some are multi-lingual = very useful/appreciated), and the general zany, 60's-kitsch deliberate ambience and decor of the place is likable... I didn't notice too much noise -even though it encourages group pub-crawl The kitchen and recycling facilities are also very good and appreciated...

Ostello San Frediano

Lucca, Italy

I don't mean to be too harsh on the atmosphere side of things; it was just a little quiet and hard to meet-bond with people, apart from at breakfast... This might be something to do with Lucca itself, which -though while beautiful and 'Toscanan', is relatively quiet at night (apart from the Sat night scooter rides!) The building is certainly impressive, with various artworks/photos along the ample walls... It is very lavish and certainly has the grandeur' of a certain kind of quality-hotel...

Hostel Pisa

Pisa, Italy

Having arrived there, my first Ostello in Pisa, tired from the flight, etc. the young man almost told me off that I 'should have read everything', for I was charged an extra 15-20 (over 40's!)! & then 'humoured' me about the sort of purse I had. My room had no inside lock, & the bathroom light didn't work (for a shower,one pays 6 Euros more!). The decor was very lifeless, However, the cleaning staff however were friendly, the other 20-something 'hostellers' were cool & the Wifi worked!