Reviews: Anonymous

Old Vic Travellers Inn

Nelspruit, South Africa

This hostel was just a pit stop en route to Kruger, which I suspect is true of most people who stay here. It was pretty hard to get here, and I got fatefully lucky that I found a random safe ride to the hostel instead of spending 400 Rand (!!) on a taxi to get to the hostel. The room that I got felt really old and dusty, and I was glad I was only spending a night there. On the plus side, the facilities are interesting to look at/unusual and the housekeeping staff is really friendly.

Atlantic Point Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

Really liked my stay here! The AP staff was young, engaged, and helpful, well connected to tourist options in Capetown, and it was really easy to meet other interesting solo travelers. I had just previously come from SE Asia and enjoyed S. Africa a ton, with many thanks to the people I met at AP backpackers. (Things felt like they clicked a bit better here). Also, their breakfast muffins are awesome (and Wed. braii's not bad either).

Hanoi Dahlia Hotel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Great service; very helpful in connecting me with in-country flights and tours, though I wondered at times if I was getting the best deal, or if they were getting a commission on the options they showed me; the room that they assigned to me was a bit dirty (tiny bugs just along the bottom wall, and an open pipe in the ceiling), so I didn't feel 100% like I got a good private room

Hoa My I Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

Good place to stay as a base to visit Hoi An. The check-in lady gave me a ride on her scooter the 1st night to get tailored work done, which I thought was good because I had limited time, but in retrospect and after experiencing a few other places the hostel recommended, I realized she probably got commission for any work. At least the tailor they sent me to was recommended by Lonely Planet, otherwise, I would have felt ripped off. I defi. got ripped off at one of the cafes they suggested.