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Ostello Burigozzo 11

Milan, Italy

This was the best hostel out of the seven I stayed at! They had full lockers to store your luggage. It was very clean. Staff was helpful and friendly. No breakfast but they have a very well priced vending machine and restaurants in Milan are cheaper than a lot of the other main cities in Italy. The directions on the email were difficult to understand because it said to get off the tram after two stops, but I needed to get off after three stops. But location was good once I found it!

Ca' Venezia

Venice, Italy

Staff tells you how to get everywhere in Venice and provides you with a map and proper routes! Place was very clean. No lockers but I felt safe in a locked four bedroom. No breakfast but there are lots of delicious restaurants nearby, just a bit pricey (as is all of Venice).

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Soggiorno Pitti

Florence, Italy

Beds were nice because they weren't bunk beds. No lockers but I felt secure in a four bed room. Room was clean. Had to wait dor bathroom because there's only one on the floor. Staff was friendly but not very knowledgeable of surrounding area. I didnt know where to go once I got inside the building, I figured out I had to climb stairs but I couldn't find the light so I climbed three flights in the dark. No wifi in the rooms, but there's a couple chairs in the lobby if you need to use wifi.


Cinque Terre, Italy

Location is fantastic! Only a short walk on one of the prettier villages. Staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The room was really nice and had all the essentials. No breakfast, but food here appears to be more affordable than on some of the other villages and it's all close by. No safe to store luggage but I felt safe in a locked room with only four girls.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Thr atmosphere is great. Staff was very helpful. Met the most people at this hostel out of the seven I stayed in on this trip. No breakfast but plenty of really good restaurants right on that street. The showers don't have much room to put your clothes, but it was worth it anyway.


Close to a metro and moulin rouge/Montmartre. Great breakfast! No lockers but I felt like my baggage was safe enough in a locked room with just four girls. Staff was very knowledgeable and supportive. Clean bathroom. Comfortable stay.