Reviews: Anonymous

Nomads Hostel

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

It is a welcoming and intimate vibe. The location is in the old city, looking over the river and large monument. There is a balcony where you can take in the whole view. The breakfast in the morning is local, fresh and delicious. There is not a lot of personal space, you are forced to get close with the owners. It doesn't feel distinctly Bulgarian, but definitely Earthy and crunchy granola. It was chilly at night, not much heating other than wool blankets.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I much prefer the upstairs bunk room (girls only 6 beds) to the more crowded downstairs one. The owners are friendly and try to be helpful, but also kind of hovering. It was hard to get away. The breakfast is not tasty. But they offer delicious apple tea or coffee (complimentary!) anytime. It feels not dirty but not squeaky clean either. Good central location.

Casa di Antonella

Siena, Italy

It is not cluttered and there is no expectation to lounge around; you can be independent. The common room has clean wooden floors, one big breakfast table and one couch. Keeping it classy simple! And lots of travel books in good condition. It was very clean. I believe the owner lives there and sometimes he takes the patrons out for dinner or drinks. The breakfast is delicious and substantial and feels very Italian. We felt pressure to check quickly out which was stressful.

History House Tvrdalj

Stari Grad, Croatia

It is more like an apartment at on old woman's house. It's not run like a business. That's great for a homey cozy atmosphere. However, logistics were confusing at times about who would have the key and who/ when to pay. The building is so cool. Old and stone. The view out the window is a historical church. Great location so close to the ocean.