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There's not enough room here to fit all of the good things I have to say about this hostel. The staff was incredible and very personable. The room was clean and I appreciated the drapes around beds. The dorms are super affordable. The common areas are perfect and actually allowed me to chill out and meet people. This is the best hostel I've visited and it allowed me to really relax in Chengdu, unlike other places. I skipped doing a tour like Leshan, just to stay an extra day and drink tea.

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

The hostel is located well and the room was clean. The staff all had great attitudes. But I didn't like that the only real common area was the restaurant, so I didn't feel like I could just hang out. I asked for help from a girl on the afternoon staff to order a train ticket, but she couldn't really explain in English how to get to the station to buy the ticket, and didn't really offer the help I needed. Also, there were worms crawling in a puddle in the left shower stall.