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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 23

Yoe Yoe Lay Homestay

Mandalay, Myanmar

The people of Myanmar are extremely friendly and the staff are this hostel are no exception ! The owner is very nice ! However the rooms are far too cramped and offer no privacy , if you want extra people in the room to make extra money then put curtains on the bed because no one wants to feel like they're in bed with the old man in the next bed

Little Yangon Hostel

Yangon, Myanmar

One of my favourite hostels I've ever been to , everything is perfect

Eco Backpackers Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Lots of bed bugs I had to leave , please change sheets after each guest in future as I could tell the sheets had not been changed. Staff struggle with understanding a lot of English accents . Air conditioning is turned off for most of the day. Hostel charges a lot of commission and didn't even select a good tour agency , bad tours . My worst hostel out of 52 countries

Sunny Fine

Hue, Vietnam

Everything about this hotel is perfect !!! It's the price of a dorm room in some hostels but with the service of a 5 star hotel! Thanks for having me


Just an average hostel , nothing bad and nothing particularly good

Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Great place to stay , really recommend it !!!!!


I liked the pod style beds , good for privacy and overall a nice hostel

Hostel Miran

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Amazing hostel and amazing guy that runs it ! Thanks Miran, nice to meet you :)

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Great hostel which provides everything a traveller needs ! Good tours are available and r ally enjoy th activities on offer. Rooms could be improved with curtains for beds and general update though

Boomerang Hotel

Luxor, Egypt

Amazing hostel! I've travelled almost 50 countries and Egyptian people are my least favourite people, unfortunately the majority I met were aggressive, lazy and lacking common sense! Fortunately this hostel is run by an amazing Australian lady who did a perfect job at running the hostel! Thanks for having me ,amazing breakfast, tours and environment :)


Amazing place to stay, everything was great especially the owners...genuinely think Stan is one of the most charming people I've ever met ! Thank you for having me :)

Our Melting Pot

Manila, Philippines

The tour they offered was amazing ..thank you

Seoulwise Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Usually I don't leave reviews as I stay in so many hostels but the fact you were so busy and still helped me buy my flight tickets and print them for me meant a lot so thanks for helping me !

House Hostel Zadar

Zadar, Croatia

Excellent Hostel :D

Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Good hostel in a good city with good staff but one bad experience ruined my whole trip :( When I tried to leave the hostel at around 7.30am the front door wouldn't open and as I result I missed my bus by 5 minutes and therefore my flight , 2 other guests came to help and also couldn't open the door but helped me jump through the window. Luckily there wasn't a fire but when I reported the issue I was told "the doors are always open", in which case the security is very poor... Richard

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I agree, this was a botch. Sorry for that. Two things though: 1. the door is always open - correct, but only from the inside. It cannot be opened from the outside without a key-therefore, it is never locked from the inside. 2. One of the guests unfortunately didn't know this and locked it. All that has to be done in that case is to knock on the door where we sleep and that's it. On another note - a lot of you come from cities that are not safe. In Zagreb, it's simply different, no need to fear.

Hotel Lombardi

Florence, Italy

Excellent Hotel :)

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Great hostel with a great location and nice staff :) Maybe the only way to improve would be to add curtains on the beds for privacy and add an Xbox for FIFA

Astor Victoria

London, England

Whenever I'm in London this will be my hostel! Everything is good, location, breakfast, staff etc ...I'd definitely recommend . Thanks for having me xxxxxx

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Hey!!! Thank you very much for the feedback! Next time you come to London we will be more than happy to have you staying with us! Enjoy, The Astor Victoria Team

Penzion Svet

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

My favourite accommodation out of the whole trip , mainly because of the owner , Michal who is one of the nicest and most helpful people you could meet ...picks you up from bus terminal, cooks breakfast etc. Cesky Krumlov is also a beautiful place and I really enjoyed it ...I would definitely recommend staying here :)

Hostel One Home

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel lived upto all the amazing reviews and is definitely one of the best hostels I've stayed in! Thanks for having me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Loved every minute , can't wait to get back ...really glad I stayed here :)