Reviews: Anonymous

City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

I would rate this hostel as mixed. I didn't like that the curtains in the room were so thin that room never got dark at night. Also, while the internet was good you had to pay $5 to use it consistently, which is a bit steep. The good parts of the hostel are that the beds are really comfortable and it has a great location. The staff were just ok and seemed annoyed every time I had to talk to them.


Pretty good hostel except that it's super far from the city which gets expensive quickly. Also the beds weren't that comfortable and were triple bunk beds which were hard to get in and out of. Finally, our room was freezing at night because we wouldn't close the window all the way.

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Pretty decent hostel overall but the dorms didn't have air conditioning like it said they would and got really hot at night.