Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel has an amazing location next to the Van Gogh and rijks museum, but that's about it - when I arrived (18:00) my bed was not made, the bathroom was a mess - and more than anything the hostel has a sterile atmosphere. Might be okay to stay here as a group, but as a solo traveler this hostel was boring/overpriced/not the best.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

This is a perfect hostel - the guys who run it are awesome, friendly and give great advice about what to do, see - and especially where to eat. The music they play is phenomenal - and overall there is a fantastic atmosphere to chill and meet people. Everything else is totally on point too - location is perfect - the view from the terrace is breathtaking - and everything else is just as good! Highly recommended!

Hostel Albania

Tirana, Albania

Fantastic hostel. Perfect location. But more than anything the staff here shine. So nice, friendly and kind - and at night they take you out for dinner, drinks and show you around Tirania. Dinner was amazing, authentic and less than 4 euro. Drinks were great too - if you're in tirania do yourself a favourite and stay here.

Santorini Hostel Kykladonisia

Santorini, Greece

Great buget place to stay. While it doesn't have a cliff side view (which only the expensive hotels have) it's got a great view of the other side of the island and is close to everything. More than anything Pablo who works at the desk is amazing. What a guy, nice friendly and incredibly helpful - this guy is your man! I highly recommend this hostel.

Shaq Big House

Kanazawa, Japan

Easily one of the top hostels I have stayed in my life. Great location - awesome new building - comfortable beds and it's spotless. But most of all is the atmosphere - this is a fun hostel, and SHAQ IS YOUR MAN! He'll take you out to dinner if you need it - drinks if you want. Shaq is so damn chill he makes everyone else a little cooler around him. This hostel is the bomb. It's practically worth coming to Kanazawa just for the good times here. Point is, stay at this hostel and you will have fun.

Guest House Kaine

Fukuoka City, Japan

Super simple and small. Just a short walk to the downtown core. Nothing mind blowing, but it is a lovely little Japanese style guesthouse and the staff are wonderful. Would easily stay again.


Awesome hostel - super clean, awesome location, great staff, comfortable - there really isn't anything to complain about. Can't really go wrong staying at this hostel.