Reviews: Anonymous

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

One of the best hostels I stayed in during my 3 months in Europe. The common areas allowed me to meet so many fellow travelers. I had such a good time :) The kitchen was great. Free pasta and sangria nights too! I liked that the location was far from the crazies, but still bustling with bars, shops, and markets. I just loved this place.


I really enjoyed my stay here. Very nice common areas..I met so many people! The bunks however are jam packed into the room allowing no floor space. Our room of 8 beds literally became a sea of luggage. Good location, close to metro and very clean and new.

YHA London Holland Park

London, England

Decent location in posh area. Hated being charged extra for EVERYTHING. Also didn't enjoy sleeping in a basically a shelf since the beds are stacked 3 high. Felt super dingy. Couldn't wait to get out of there.