Reviews: Anonymous

Che Lagarto Hostel Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beds are ok. Staff is awesome. Showers are terrible. Emplacement is really good. I recommend this hostel without hesitation.

Football Corner Hostel

Krakow, Poland

This hostel is small and cozy. Michael (the owner and employee) is awesomely polite, nice and very useful. The price is very low for the quality and emplacement of the hostel. The kitchen is clean and open on the living room so you can cook while chatting. Wifi is good. The showers are very clean and quite new. the hostel is a little far from the jewish hood (which is meant to be the cool hood), but very close to the train and bus station and five minutes away from the old town.

Pura Vida Beach Hostel

Vama Veche, Romania

Very cool place with very young and cool staff (cheers to scott). This a very laid back hostel. The bar to it is really cool and right on the beach. The only slight detail that wouldn't justify the price are the showers. But apart from that, the hostel is right on the beach, and the staff is awesome!

Doors Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

the live music is an awesome idea. Your staff is very helpful. One thing though is maybe the security, anyone can just come in and out whether they are part of the hostel or not. I understand we have lockers and it actually did not bother me at all, but it's pretty much the first hostel i have been to that always had unlock doors.

Klaipeda Hostel

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Best hostel yet I've seen for the price and I have seen quite a lot. Best price in town, excellent location, very clean and Raimunda at the reception desk is a real cool and helpful staff! I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone.