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Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

No customer comment

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

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Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Awesome place to stay. Free breakfast is actually eggs, bacon, porridge, toast, etc. dinner available for very reasonable cost. Staff is awesome! Great little community where people actually hang out with each other, go out together, play music together, etc. Would definitely return.

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

This is not a place where people seem to eager to mingle with one another. There is a common room in a seperate building from the actual accommodations, which is also the only place that the wifi works, where people sometimes gather to stare at their electronics or wait for the tours, but that's about it. The free breakfast is cornflakes and toast. The staff are only somewhat helpful regarding how to get around, what the good places are to eat, drink, etc.