Reviews: Anonymous

Shiva Kashi Guest House

Varanasi, India

The best thing about ShivaKashi Guest House is the manager, Sanjeev. He is THE guy to know in Varanasi. He was very helpful to me and everyone who I saw come into his guest house. The location was great for me, 30 second walk from the Ganges ghats. It did get noisy at night, my room faced west and maybe the other rooms didn't have this problem.

La Casa Del Sol

Marrakech, Morocco

La Casa del Sol is a nice little place but you will never find it on your own. It was very safe and the staff for the most part were accommodating. The only problem with noise was from the visitors that the staff had in the hostel, they tended to get quite loud. The night manager still owes me 18 dirham in change. They had my reservation from Hostelworld unlike the place in Casablanca so that was nice.

Majestic Hotel

Casablanca, Morocco

I got in to the Majestic late at night and the old inn keeper spoke no English which is understandable. Another guest helped me communicate with him. There was no record of my reservation through Hostelworld but I paid him what I had been quoted. Probably could have gotten it cheaper if I hadn't gone by the reservation quote. Traffic noise is incessant!! But did have hot water!!!