Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Was a good hostel right near the train station and even had a casino below it if you wanted to gamble. everything was clean and there were lockers in the room with a great security system for each room. staff were friendly and had a little kitchen that was ok but the stoves were a bit weak for boiling water and cooking.

Backpackers Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Great hostel to stay at and the city was beautiful. the staff were super helpful and gave us ideas on what to see and were to eat. the hostel was nice and clean and had great facilities with enough for everyone to use with minimal waits. was slightly expensive considering we were there between the summer and winter seasons but seems like a great place if it was packed with plenty of places to hang out.

Hotel RossoVino

Milan, Italy

Was a newly done hotel/hostel and was a great place to stay. everything was clean and tidy and brand new and the wifi was great and throughout the whole building. didnt really feel like a hostel but more like a hotel which was not really a bad thing. directions to the hostel are ok but they tell you to ignore the metro which is just as easy as the bus and sometimes the buses dont tell you what stop it is coming up to.

Emerald Palace

Florence, Italy

Great location near the train station but be warned there are a lot of stairs but its not to bad of a problem. there are no lockers fol valuables and it can be hard to find the light switches in the stairways which makes going up and down them dangerous at night. the staff were great and it looked like the rooms were just redone with a great view looking out at a church. is the leather market just outside so can be noise but can also get you a cheap deal on leather goods.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Was one of the best hostels i stayed in while on my trip. Everyone says the neighborhoods of Naples are sketchy and they to a degree but the staff more than make you feel safe and at home. the new walking tour was a good insight to the city and the bar keeper, ronnie took a bunch of us to one of the best local restaurants in Naples and helped us order in Italian. He then guided us back to the hostel and mixed cocktails for us all night. Will easily be my first stop when i return to italy.


Was a good place to stay in Rome but was slightly overpriced but so is the rest of Rome. was undergoing renovations while i was staying there which was not to much of an inconvenience and should make the hostel even better. area is slightly sketchy but we never had any problems while there.


Chania, Greece

Was booked into this hostel but i didn't even set foot inside the building. arrived at around 9 at night and the door was locked and had a number to call despite 24 hour reception. a gentleman came over and grabbed us and took us to mikes rooms hostel across the square. this hostel was nice and had good facilities but no one could speak the greatest english. turns out the gentleman owned both hostels but was weird that we had to change hostel and seems like its a regular thing.

Mirabello Hotel

Crete, Greece

was close to the port and to the main bus station and a short walk away from the old city and the museum. staff were friendly and the facilities were great but was more a hotel than a hostel. only problem was with the luggage storage. we asked to leave our bags there and they said fine but we had to put the bags just in the common room. nothing happened to our bags but image less honest people could be around so just watch out.

Windmill Naxos

Naxos, Greece

Great place to stay, staff we super friendly and helpful. Close to the center of the city and to the beach. Great experience.

Freddy's Hostel

Tirana, Albania

Great location being in the center of the city. Staff were super friendly except freddy was the only one to speak english which made it hard to communicate with the rest of the staff but we could both guess what the other person meant. Freddy was nice enough to drop us at the airport for our flight.

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

the hostel was in the middle of old town and was close to restaurants and bars and even had a supermarket right outside the front door. the stuff were super helpful and friendly and even moved my washing into the dryer after it was done so i didn't have to wait around for it. Security was great because even the key i had for the room couldn't open the door all of the time. was the lock on the door and you would have to jiggle it to get it to unlock. other then that great place to stay.


Was an awesome place to stay and am only disappointed i stayed there one night. The dinner with some of the staff was great and just down the road at a local restaurant. the hostel staff told you about most of the meals and recommended what was the best on the menu. Drinks at the bar afterwards were great and cheap and had typical bar music playing which makes you feel like your at home

Funk Lounge

Zagreb, Croatia

Great hostel and was a great introduction to croatia. all the staff were super helpful and friendly and help organize a trip out to the looks as well as giving great info of where to go in town. the little restaurant next door was super cheap and super delicious as well as the free shots you got for staying there.