Reviews: Anonymous

Labyrinth Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Its at good location.Rooms were clean.But reception is not very helpful.

Maxim Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

─▒ts not a hostel,its home :) George(owner) is really helpful.Location is good.You can choose it.

Clown and Bard

Prague, Czech Republic

If you have another choises,dont choose this hostel.Its bar actually,they dont care about you.Beds are dirty and not comfortable.Its close to station but far away from touristic places.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel was my best.All facilities were good.Also its cheap in Amsterdam.I recommend it :)

Hostel Blue Planet

Paris, France

There is no wifi in this hostel.I think it is the most important thing.Also showers were bad.The only good thing is location.

Koine' Hostel

Salerno, Italy

No customer comment