Reviews: SightseeingScooter

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 29

Hello Chengdu is a great hostel. The dorm beds have a curtain for privacy and lockers underneath the beds for your belongings. The food is really good and cheap. The beer is nice and cold! The travel desk is really helpful for questions regarding other cities and also for directions of getting around the area. The bicycle rental is 10yuan per day. There is a large supermarket within walking distance. The common room above the bar is cozy and relaxing. Wifi works in the dorm rooms. Evan is great!

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

This is the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in. They actually say it is a hotel, but I was in a dorm. The shower had a rain shower head. The beds were big and very comfy with a shelf and light in each individual bed area. The wifi worked pretty well but sometimes didn't work in the room. The staff are amazing! Especially Mickey and Michael. The bar area is filled with a lot of Chinese patrons. There is a supermarket across the alley, fruit stands and street food stands at the end of the alley.

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Thanks for your recommend.We will try to our best .


The hostel has really cheap dorm rooms which is the biggest asset. Also, if you get a chance to meet Bob he is amazing. Filled with hospitality and warmth. I did not like the 5 bedroom dorm rooms because they are right above the bar/restaurant area and you can hear every word the people downstairs say. Also, the cigarette smoke wafts up into the room from the restaurant. The room itself was really nice and cozy. The bathrooms and showers are located downstairs. The wifi worked in the dorm.


Downtown Backpackers is in a really great neighborhood with lots of great food and character. I stayed in room 204 which didn't have internet, but the common room and internet room worked. The staff was helpful if you had questions about how to get places. The BEER is REALLY CHEAP! This wasn't a very social hostel, but that might have been because it was winter. The breakfast is good and included. There are train tickets from Pingyao to Xian, don't let them tell you otherwise.