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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Pippies Beach House Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach, Australia

BEST HOSTEL IN RAINBOW BEACH!! Despite being in a small town there was free Wifi (albeit difficult to connect to), free breakfast, good TV room, and swimming pool. The kitchen wasn't large enough and they didn't have an oven. The staff were awesome and the hostel does a really cheap amazing trip to Fraser Island; one of the best tours I've been on, great people!!

Byron Beach Resort

Byron Bay, Australia

The kitchen was large, the beds and rooms were clean and comfy. Morning Yoga was a treat and the beach was a 1 minute walk. The dining area was large and despite being next door to a bar it didn't seem loud. Would definitely stay here again.

Backpackers HQ

Sydney, Australia

Free breakfast in the morning and free wifi were a treat. The staff were friendly and incredibly helpful. It's just a shame our room was right next to the common area and due to no A/C we had to keep the window open so we could here the other guests shouting well into the morning. If you stay here get a private room away from the kitchen area.

Adelaide Central YHA

Adelaide, Australia

TOP HOSTEL! 2 TV rooms, large kitchen, large dining area, games area, reading room. You will not get bored here. Very close to CBD. Bathrooms needed a deeper clean and at one unfortunate moment every mens bathroom was closed for cleaning. Friendly staff and the hostel could be as loud or as quiet as you'd like. There is a place for you!


This was a quirky town and a quirky hostel where by now you've gathered you sleep below ground. You will only need 1 night here as there isn't a great deal to do in Coober Pedy. Due to the intense heat you will find yourself spending most of your time indoors/underground. There isn't any A/C above ground as it isn't cost effective so the TV room and kitchen area are just fan accommodated so it gets quite stifling. The kitchen had a lot of ants. Definitely worth a stop here.

YHA Rotorua

Rotorua, New Zealand

No customer comment

Nomads Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

The rooms smelled and there weren't enough plugs in the dorm, some were right by the door which is a bit of a hazard. The beds were comfy however the structure of the beds seemed like death traps as bars were missing/damaged. The bathrooms were big and the showers were hot and powerful and always clean. There were several bars nearby which didn't help with sleep quality (wear earplugs) a communal room downstairs with computers and a TV for group viewing with lots of seating which was good for chilling out. The wifi is pretty poor as everyone is using it plus having paid for it it feels like salt in a wound. it has a good location as it is practically in the dead centre of Auckland city for everything you'll want, there is a countdown nearby for shopping (pick up a discount card when you're getting the airbus shuttle from the airport) about 5-10min walk. The hostel runs activities every day and is a good source of local and travel information.

Ryokan @ Muntri Street

Penang, Malaysia

Stayed here for 2 nights in a 6 bed dorm. The rooms had a bedside light, plug, large locker, towel and bedside shelf for odd bits despite being on a side street every morning was always loud outside. The common areas were comfy and a nice addition. Staff were helpful and friendly however seemed to lack knowledge of activities etc in the local areas and a free breakfast was provided. Bathrooms were unisex and provided powerful hot showers with soap and shampoo however not always clean.

Pak-Up Hostel

Krabi, Thailand

Lovely accommodation and friendly staff, the whole hostel feels renovated and modern. Would happily stay here again.

The White Rabbit

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

There was a welcoming and friendly vibe mainly from Zack who made us feel right at home. There was another guy who seemed to sit at his computer all day and didn't really add much value to the management team, at least from a front office POV. All the girls who worked there seemed to be the cogs that kept the place running. We stayed in the 4 bed dorm room at the back upstairs that was fan assisted, however 1 was broken and another plugged into a wall socket where neither socket worked properly. They did provide all the sufficient linen, unfortunately the 'duvet' was still damp, luckily we were the only people staying in this room so we could easily switch. The room and bathroom were dirty and was told upon arrival that only one of the showers had hot running water. There weren't any available maps to take with us and there didn't seem to be a wealth of information about tours or anything else to really do in Phnom Penh. There was a half decent movie area that filled up pretty quickly however it was a choice between a PS3 & a PC that was catastrophically caked in dust to the point where it had to be turned off for several minutes to get it back up and running. The Wi-Fi kept dropping off and was only really available in the common area.

Panda Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This guesthouse had it all, top notch business. The owners were incredibly helpful and would bend over backwards for us. Some clothes were left behind in the laundry and they promptly got it on the next bus to our following location. The only qualm was a lack of a functional kitchen however this was made up for by their knowledge of top notch/economically feasible eateries nearby. Best value for money accommodation in Siem Reap! Would definitely use again. Thank you panda guesthouse.

Sihome Backpackers Hostel

Vientiane, Laos

Philip the owner is an incredibly helpful and friendly person. He was up at 5am when we turned up and thoroughly looked after us until we were able to check in. We stayed in the 8 person dorm and it was outstandingly clean it had air con, fan and individual plugs and lights. There was a really cool tv room with a plethora of TV shows and movies with the floor made out of cushions

Khammany Inn Hostel

Luang Prabang, Laos

No customer comment

Kikies House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

No customer comment

Sila Resort

Sukhothai, Thailand

No customer comment

WE Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

No customer comment

WE Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

The wifi was near impossible to log on to. It took us nearly 2 hours to find the place which seemed to be a recurring issue for other travellers and toilets lacked attention for refilling the loo roll.