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HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

No customer comment

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

The staff was absolutely awesome! And I loved that there was free breakfast and a dinner cooked by them every night (dinner was around 5-7 euro). Beds were decent, lockers were adequate, guests can use kitchen and fridge, showers stayed on and were hot. My room was a little noisy due to traffic outside, but the hostel is located in a busy and great part of the city. Noise is to be expected. Overall, a great place. Would definitely recommend and go back!

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

The staff was awesome! The place was pretty big, but there was always stuff happening in the restaurant/bar. Others have mentioned that it's far from the usual touristy areas, but it's really not that bad. Plus, it was nice to escape the crowds at the end of the day. Wifi didn't work well in the tents, but hey, it's a tent. Bathrooms were big and clean. Would definitely go back or stay at other properties!

Hostel 7 Santi

Florence, Italy

I do wish I could have locked the bathroom door. Otherwise, it was great. The wifi worked just fine for me. Showers were nice and hot, and it was nice to have the option of buying a cheap dinner and breakfast at the hostel. It's located outside the city center, but I liked that as you're away from most of the touristy stuff.

Hostel GoodMo

Budapest, Hungary

This place was a good size with plenty of bathrooms, comfy beds and was in a great spot. The next place I stayed in had me missing Hostel GoodMo. Already wanting to go back!

Hostel Hutteldorf

Vienna, Austria

Definitely worth the price. Breakfast was a nice touch, rooms were small but cosy, lockers were adequate, wifi was pretty good most of the time. Only complaints would be the showers and the size of the rest of the place made it harder to socialize. Overall, I had a good time.

Hostel Orange

Prague, Czech Republic

Very clean, hot showers, plenty of outlets, comfy beds, decent wifi and cool location. Would definitely go back!