Reviews: Anonymous


The cleanliness is perfect! This is an awesome hostel, however I think the front door staff could be prepared to provide basic tourism information, for example: be able to suggest companies that do transfers to Orlando. We never find everything on the internet, as they advise. I felt they do well what they are supposed to, but nothing more than that, and in some urgent situations these tips from the staff usually helps a lot. I'd stay there again, but I had to mention this.


The internet signal is good! The daily room cleanliness isn't good, it looks they just collect the trash and that's it!!


The dorms cleanliness was not that good, it looks they only grab the garbage and that's it. The owner is prepared to provide most of the information you need, he's very friendly and willing to help. If you don't like pets in the house, stay on the dorms only (it's separated from the main office/kitchen), if you like it, enjoy the 2 gentle dogs the owner has usually in the main lobby. The kitchen was usually clean. The internet signal is great all over the hostel. Overall, I liked it.