Reviews: Anonymous

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

the corridors are smelly (they stink) and the room has no ventilation, so when it is full, it stinks. The staff doesn´t now much about the neighbourghhood, or were to have lunch or anything arround. they are really nice though. location is great.

Zen Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

the owner is always there and it is a very nice and helpfull person. the hostel itself is really relaxed and does not have a bussy atmosphere (for me it was a little boring) but it is really nice to rest. the beds are big and nice as well as the restrooms.


really fun hostel. you can party and sleep if you want to. it is not noisy at all in the bedrooms. The bar is really nice playing live music every nght. AMAZING. the staf is nice and helpfull and the location great.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

No customer comment

Soul Kitchen

St Petersburg, Russia

really nice hostel ! good common area and kitchen ! very friendly staff.

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

the atmosphere is really poor. the staf is just there for check in... nothing else. the location is ok. the problem is there is no atmosphere in the hostel.

Tallinn Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

No customer comment


really nice hostel. Staf was great, location really good and the bar inside beside the common room is a really good place (and cheap).

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

it was ok, nothing special. Good location,

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

one of the best hostels i have ever stayed. Staf is great, activities too, facilities are really nice (best common area ever), and breakfast is reall good as well.


its a nice experience to stay in a camp. it is "far" away from the city, but is really nice. the staff is very helpfull and the sky at night is amazing.


not a good location. the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere really good!!

Hotel Bussola

Capri, Italy

Really friendly staff!! Nice hotel and good breakfast. Recomended