Reviews: Anonymous


I enjoyed my stay here. It is located in a beautiful part of Houston. The back 8 person dorm can get a little stuffy at night. All in all the hostel has a lot to offer and is very well kept.

The Boutike Hostel

Seville, Spain

I loved this hostel. I felt very welcomed when i walked in and the staff were great. Good breakfast. Overall a unique hostel in a great way!


I wasn't in the hostel to much but i enjoyed it most of the time. The staff was very friendly and helped me out a lot. Only thing I did not like was the temperature in the room during the night. It was very hot and dry and the following day my throat hurt.

AlterEgo Guesthouse

Trapani, Italy

I stayed in the guest house and thought it was very nice. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Trapani.

Urban Garden Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Awesome hostel. You get hooked up!

West Hostel

Peniche, Portugal

Geat hostel i had a great time. Cool relaxing city with beautiful beaches. Hostel is in a great location from everything.

Si Gros

San Sebastian, Spain

Personally I liked this hostel a lot because of the location. It is very close to the beach. I walked from the hostel to the beach in less than 5 minutes without shoes just in my wetsuite with my surfboard. In the hostel there is a kitchen. Free olive oil to cook with. 3 bathrooms so getting in the shower or on the toilet is not problem. Tato, the staff member was very helpful and always looked out to make sure everything was ok. Check it out!