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Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

Great hostel!! Luis and Lucas are both great...and the reviews are true - Lucas is a terrible DJ but a ton of fun. Chill hostel with a fun vibe...small enough to meet people and was a great place to start drinking before going out. Bathrooms and facilities were clean and there are refrigerators in the rooms which was handy. Beds were a bit rickety but overall it was an excellent hostel and I'd stay there again if I visited Nice again!

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Absolutely my favorite hostel I've stayed at. The staff is THE BEST -- Darek, Katie, and Olga are beyond wonderful. You get to meet so many new people since it's a small hostel. Great pub crawl and the drinking games before are fun. If you want to party hard, meet people, and have an excellent time...STAY HERE. This hostel made our stay in Krakow! The day trip to Auschwitz was also excellent. I hope to visit this hostel again soon. :)

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Thanks so much!!

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Not my favorite hostel. The facilities are overall decent (comfortable beds), but the environment was lacking. Yeah, there's a bar, but it's difficult to meet new people as there's not a kitchen/place to hang out. It's always so busy downstairs that it's hard to find a place to sit. Also, you don't know who's actually staying at the hostel and who's just visiting the bar. Staff was cold/unfriendly to the point that we were surprised when someone offered us assistance. Overall mediocre.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. We always do our best to make everybody's stay as fun and comfortable as possible and we can learn a lot from your experience with us. We have a designated chill out area upstairs in the bar where hostel guests can relax throughout the day and night. Our bar is open to the public, but attracts mostly international English speakers living in Berlin, who we think are great people for our guests to interact with enhancing their experience in this great city.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Wonderful hostel with a very homey atmosphere! Mama's dinner was fantastic and Diana was so kind and helpful. It seemed like the bathrooms were just cleaned every time I went in there. There's a huge TV, 2 iPads, and 2 Mac computers free for use. The beds are unbelievably comfortable. The bar crawl was pretty good. Good place to meet other travelers although we did notice that the crowd tended to be a bit older. Definitely not a party hostel but a great place to relax during your stay in Lisbon.

Stray Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

AMAZING HOSTEL. The staff was so kind and helpful. The breakfast was really great. They have 3 kittens that are THE BEST. At first, we were thrown off by the location but it's close to a metro and the main bar street which was great. It's definitely not a party hostel, but you can go out for that. We ended up just chilling in the hostel for two nights. The vibe there was great with the cats and tea and backgammon and books. If you're looking for a hip, chill hostel...this is your place to stay.

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

BEST. HOSTEL. EVER. When we arrived, we were greeted with tea, cookies, a KITTEN, and hookah. The atmosphere is incredible -- super chill. Super cool building and the rooftop area rocks. Super safe which made me feel good -- you have to ring the doorbell to get in so the staff sees everybody who enters. They were really helpful in helping us plan out our day trips and whatnot. Super close to the big square. Staff rocked -- very friendly and answered our questions. Amazing hostel. STAY HERE.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

LOVED Hostel One....everybody was so friendly and the staff ROCKED! Tons of activities, party at the hostel I've stayed in so far.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

My experience is probably tainted because my iPad was stolen from my room (along with other people's money, laptop, etc.). There are no lockers in the rooms which, in my opinion, is absurd for a hostel. Installing them in the rooms would fix this easily. There are ones downstairs that you can pay for. The staff was helpful in dealing with my stolen items, however they were rude at other times. Not a conducive atmosphere to meet people. Alright place to sleep but I wouldn't stay there again.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

I loved 360 Hostel! The location is seriously PERFECT. The staff was super chill and helpful. Great place to meet other backpackers. The events they have like free dinner and paella and stuff was spectacular. The rooms were pretty nice. The showers were great. Overall a wonderful place to stay....I'd love to stay there again.