Reviews: Anonymous

Hop Inn

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Good location, clean. Extremely small space and no window, the bathroom was right next to the bed, so if you are particularly shy then this may be an issue for you (it's audible). As we were checking out it seemed like we had the most basic room and it was perfectly good to sleep in and the staff were friendly. Great little café next door - peace café I think it was called.

Hakkas Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Evidently finding budget accommodation in Hong Kong is not particularly easy. Hakka's was fine to sleep in, but that's it. Finding the building was no problem, but the reception for Hakka's is at another guest house, slightly confusing and finding staff to speak to wasn't particularly easy. It's pretty compact inside, but that seems to be standard for HK, just don't expect a lot of space.

Shiralea Backpackers Resort

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Excellent atmosphere for the Half Moon Party, which is why we stayed here. Good facilities for partying and then chilling out and recovering. Word of warning to others, having a bar tab does not mean that the drinks are free. Somehow the accommodation cost in our final bill only equated to 10%. Two words "Attitude Adjusters!"

The Boardroom Beach Bungalows

Koh Samui, Thailand

Stayed here for 3 nights, double room with a friend. Bungalows are basic, but have everything you need. 12 second walk to the beach, location is excellent. Bangrak is on the quiet side, it's maybe a 10 minute walk to some of the busier bars and restaurants (check out the boat bar). Apple, the owner is an absolute legend and was very helpful in arranging for our final night back on Koh Samui, answering general questions and assisting us getting back to the airport for an early flight.

Lub d Bangkok Silom

Bangkok, Thailand

Excellent facilities at amazing value, better than many, many hotels I've stayed in. Good friendly atmosphere, if I'm ever in Bangkok again, this is where I'll be staying no questions asked.

Grann's Hostel

Kuta, Indonesia

Really great hostel, I only stayed in Kuta for one night prior to leaving Bali. I had an early flight the next day, but was able to chill out at the hostel in the evening and still get some sleep no problems. Seemed like an excellent place for a party as well. Only downside for me was the walking distance to the beach.

The Happy Mango Tree

Ubud, Indonesia

Really enjoyed my stay, good atmosphere among other travellers. Place was clean, showers weren't the best, but what you expect on a budget. Sleeping was a challenge, it was seriously hot and the fan in the room wasn't doing much. As per other reviews, the bamboo bunk beds sway a bit and getting onto the top bunk puts you pretty close to the ceiling fan when climbing in.

Brown Kiwi Travellers Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

Really enjoyed my stay here for my last week in NZ. Love the little garden/patio hang out area. Staff were very helpful (particularly Hannes). Cool mix of longer term hostel peeps and new travellers coming in.

Junohall YHA Hostel Waitomo

Waitomo, New Zealand

Good base for any of the Waitomo activities. Check out the little pot bellied pigs on the farm, super cute. Waitomo's pretty quiet, so bring groceries if you plan on making food, otherwise your options are pretty limited - it's rural New Zealand after all.

Trek Global

Wellington, New Zealand

Big hostel in a big city. I prefer smaller places and find the atmosphere tends to suffer the larger the place gets. Location is excellent and it was a good base to explore the city from.

The Art House Backpackers

Napier, New Zealand

Solid hostel, I was in Napier in low season. Hostel was full, but the town was really quiet - location should come into it's own in summer, it's right on the waterfront.

Rock Solid Backpackers Rotorua NZ

Rotorua, New Zealand

Nice hostel, good value for money in a good spot in Rotorua. I was on the floor above the kitchen which is probably quieter, the lounge shuts early (10 I think?) and then everyone moves to the kitchen to keep any socialising going, so it's probably noisy if you are trying to get an early night and staying near the kitchen. Sadly there was a rock climbing competition on, so it wasn't possible to use the wall.

Eagles Nest Backpackers

Hamilton, New Zealand

Not much atmosphere, free WiFi is a rare luxury in New Zealand though ...

Ponsonby Backpackers

Auckland, New Zealand

More like a home than a hostel. Great place to stay in Auckland, met some really cool people, good space to hang outside on sunny days if kicking around the hostel and Ponsonby is a great neighbourhood.

Bluewater Lodge

Nadi, Fiji

I ended up staying on my first and last night in Fiji (my only two nights in Nadi). The staff were very friendly, helpful and accommodating. The lodge is set just off the main strip of other louder backpackers, so is a little more peaceful than other neighbouring hostels. Good times.


Solid hostel in classic North America mega hostel sense.

Cambie Hostel - Gastown

Vancouver, Canada

Good hostel, great Gastown location for weekends and obviously the world famous Cambie bar downstairs!