Reviews: Anonymous

Stayokay Den Haag (The Hague)

The Hague, Netherlands

The hostel is well kept and has everything you would expect. Staff are friendly. However, the hostel has a somewhat spartan feel to it and the surrounding area is somewhat dodgy. You can absolutely stay here if you have to visit The Hague - personally I would skip the Hague alltogether.

Stayokay Utrecht - Bunnik

Utrecht, Netherlands

+ Great location if you want to be close to the outdoors. + Be sure to check out the "theehuis" close by. + Friendly staff. + / - Sink, toilet and shower are in the dorms. Convenient, but noisy. Be sure to bring eat plugs!

Hotel Bronckhorst

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pretty good place, except the walls are paper thin. Earplugs are recommended.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great, *if* you want to stay close to de wallen.