Reviews: Anonymous

Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Hostel has a great location and value for money. More effort could be put into giving the rooms any warmth ie: repairing holes in the wall, a mirror above a sink, a bathroom door knob that is not falling off. A nicety would be a power point beside the bed. Not deal breakers but items that would be appreciated. The AC was amazing. Kudos. All in all, a recommended hostel, a little extra touch ups and the value would be even greater.

Planet Paprika Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location, staff very friendly and helpful. As close as possible to Taksim Square and the main retail street. There are some great art galleries in the area, the fish market by the Galata Bridge is really vibrant and fun. Get off the Main Street for the better food options. There is a fantastic area with antique shops not too far away.