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Barcelona, Spain

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Hotel D'Azeglio

Florence, Italy

Great staff and nice room. Al little bit old though. The location is not the best, but you have a bus just at the door of the hostel that takes you to the center in less than 10 minutes.


Athens, Greece

We've traveling around the world for 7 months now, and this is the second worst hostel we've stayed. Horrible rooms, noisy like no other, no curtains, small bathroom. No help at all from the staff (barely speak in english). Wifi didn't even exist and no one knew how to fix it. The only good thing, which was really good, was the location. Right down the Acropolis and two steps away from a metro station. Anyway, I would never recommend this hostel.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Impossible to get a better location! Great Place, with great facilities.

Cozy Homes - Prague Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic

It wasn't a hostel like we know, it was more like an apartment. Actually, it didn't have reception, so if you are looking for a hostel to meet people, this is not the place. But if you want a nice apartment, with excellent room and kitchen, and the best location at the city, this is the place.

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Great room, location, staff, facilities (It has a pool and sauna). The only bad thing is the amount of people, there where hundreds of rooms and it was all day too crowdy and noisy .

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

Great Hostel, very close to subway (short distance from important stations), good food, nice room and very good staff, very helpful.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Great Hostel! Everything was good.

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Thanks a lot for enjoying your journey in xi'an and HANTANGINN, we are appreciated that you can come cack and experience the special of our hostel. Great greetings and best wishes. All the stff in hantanginn.


Almost everything was great! Only two problems were the treat of some of the staff and the laundry facilities. Some of the staff were very rude, I had problems when I went to pay, but I think it was because it is a to massive hostel and they only have two people at the reception to help, so they felt exceeded. And at the laundry they just have two washing machines and one dryer (They have two, but only one works), so again, for the amount of people it wasn't enough.

Chada Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Great location. Clean room, but little.

The Maze Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

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